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Frankie Muniz on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn
May 3, 2000

I usually go to bed at 8:30 in the morning, not because I work late shifts or anything, just `cause that's when I feel tired . . . so anyway, I was up to catch Frankie on "The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn".

He was charming and witty as usual, impressing host, Kilborn, to no end. He had the audience in hysterics for the majority of the interview, scored a notable 80% on "Five Questions", and in a show that was otherwise highlighted by musical talent (The Go-Go's, Randy Travis), Frankie really did steal the show and the hearts of the audience. His interview also made up for Kilborn's less that outstanding monologue (no offence Craig - just not your best work). I must say that Frankie looked more grown up than before, and I could detect the beginnings of a voice change. Little Frankie's growing up!

If ever photos of this become available, I'll be sure to post them up right away. I have a video-recording of it, but that doesn't help seeing as I don't have the necessary hardware/software to put it onto my computer. So is life. Anywho, (and no that's not a typo, just another one of my too-often used expressions), I've placed a transcript here for you to read in order to give you a hint of what the interview was like. Picture Kilborn in a blue suit, and Frankie in a blue Hawaiian shirt and cargo pants (I think they're cargo pants - but what do I know?).

And by the way . . . those rumours about him and Amanda Bynes . . . I think they might be true! Read ahead to see what I mean. It's still a long shot, but I'm suspicious.


Welcome back. Our first guest is only 14 years old and not only is he credited with single-handedly saving FOX, also the sitcom genre. [Laughter]. He plays the smart-ass, quick-thinking, title character on the FOX hit, Malcolm in the Middle, Sundays at 8:30.


This is Frankie Muniz! [Cheering]

Here he is. Hey buddy. How ya doin'?

Good, good.

They love you. There he is. You look sporty. You got a little Hawaiian shirt on.

You know, I've been going Hawaiian lately. [Laughter]. Everything I've been going to do, I've been wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Really. You've been going Hawaiian!

Going Hawaiian!

A little stage you're going through. You've been eating ice cream all day haven't you?

Yes, I have. I think I've eaten three pints already. And that was at 6:00 in the morning.

Now, this is not a normal day, he doesn't always eat ice cream. Tell them why you're eating ice cream?

Well, Baskin Robin's had their first ever Free Scoop Night. [Cheering] where people can go in and get a free scoop of ice cream, and for every free scoop of ice cream, money was donated to First Book National Children's Literacy Program.

Helping people read.

Read good books. [Cheering]

Reading, you see . . . I didn't that notice reading and ice cream go together.

I think so. I mean, two fun things to do.

Yeah, my mom wouldn't let me read . . . well, she let me read [Laughter]. . . I couldn't eat ice cream because it would drip on the book, but you know, I don't talk to mom anymore. [Laughter] It's been a big year for you, hasn't it.

I guess.

You know, you reached five feet.

Oh yeah! Finally! [Cheering]

I mean, you had a growth spurt, right?

Yeah, I grew like 7 inches since we did the pilot.

7 inches, in how much? In a year?

In a year.

That's amazing!

It's about time! That's all I have to say. [Laughter]

And you're 14?

Uh huh.

Boy, I wasn't five feet till I was like . . . 6! [Laughter]


But I'm a freak! I'm a giant! Whoo. Uh, what's it like . . .you gotta be careful though. You don't wanna get any taller, cause they might . . . will they bring in somebody else if you get 5' 5"? [Laughter].

I dunno. Kids grow, so.

That's what you gotta tell the producers. I hear they might tape a bunch of shows now, because they want you to stay right as you are.

Yeah, uhm, we're going back in June and just gonna keep going and going and going till we like, die. [Laughter]

You don't want that to happen.


How much fun is it for ya?

Oh, it's awesome! Everyone's really cool on the set. You know Bryan.

Yeah, he was on the other night. Your dad.

He's really cool. Jane's really funny. All the boys.

But do they know you're the star, right? Uh? [Laughter]

I'm just Frankie.

You're Frankie. You're . . . okay. I think your Malcolm in the Middle. I think you're huge. Uh, tell me - you do home-schooling?

Yeah, I'm home-schooled. My mom teaches me when we're at home. I have a tutor on the set, so . . .

You don't wanna go to a real school?

No. I like home-schooling, `cause I can work around my schedule. You know, or if I wanted to in a day, get like, three weeks of work done, I could, so it's really cool.

Do you eat ice cream while you're doing this.


Mom let's ya do whatever, right?

Yeah! Watch TV. Jerry Springer. [Laughter]

You like Jerry Springer?

No. [Laughter] Just thought I'd say that.

Uhm, does mom ever give you bad grades?

No. Not really.

You probably get straight A's.

Well, I have to send my work into a real teacher, and he checks it, and I get the report card and all that, so I can't really slack off, you know.

Okay, that's good. Well you seem like a bright kid. I think, right?

[Frankie just giggles] [Laughter]

Do you like sports?

I love sports?

What's your favourite sport?

Golf . . . basketball, hockey, baseball.

That's your favourite sport? [Laughter]

Golf, yeah. All mixed together, you know.

Who's your favourite basketball team?

L.A. Clippers. [Some cheering, but mostly people laughing their butts off]

You like L.A. Clippers? You're proud of that?

Well I wanna get it across, so when they do in a hundred years win the championship [Laughter] they know that I was a fan, always.

I used to be fan of the Clippers. They were underdogs in the late 80s.

Uh huh.

They're still underdogs. [Laughter] I gave up on them. [Cheering] I gotta ask you about . . . you don't know . . . you haven't discovered girls yet at your age, have you? You don't have a girlfriend, do you?

I don't have a girlfriend . . . yet, but maybe.

What do you mean, maybe? One day?

One day.

Do you have a special someone you talk to?

All the time, uhm, I talk to this girl. [Cheering, oohs, ahs, whistling, etc.]

You do? Yeah? Is she . . . where do you talk to her? On the phone?

On the phone. On e-mail. Everything.

Who is she?

Huh. [moving his shoulders upwards] [Laughter]

What does she do? What does she do?

She's an actress.

Oh, she's an actress?

Yeah. [Cheering, oohs, ahs, whistling, etc. again]

Is she on Melrose Place or Beverly Hills 90210? [Laughter]

Uhm, eventually.

You won't tell us who it is? We can't guess? It's not Sally Jessy or anyone like that, is it? [Laughter]

Oh, got me!

Now what do you guys do on your show? Apparently you and your dad, plays your dad - you guys do a special dance?

I guess so. It's sort of like a touchdown dance. When we were rehearsing for the "Rollerskates" episode, which you just saw the clip, we did like, this little dance `cause we had to do the dancing and everything, and it's really simple and all, and we always do it whenever we see each other. [Does little motion on chair]

Was that it?

No. [Laughter]

That wasn't it?


You guys wanna see the special dance? [Cheering]

[Frankie gets up]. So Bryan would be right here, and we'd just go . . . [starts dancing] [Laughter & cheering] and we'd just do it forever, you know.

I like that [imitating the movement]. Very stylish. All right. Stay with us. Five questions with Frankie Muniz when we come back.

All right. Malcolm in the Middle's Frankie Muniz. Time for five questions! [Cheering]. Uh, Geography, what mountain is in the middle of Disneyland? What mountain? You ever been to Disneyland?


What's in the middle there. A couple things. We'll accept two.

Uhm . . .

What mountain? Take your time. Make sure your breathe. [Laughter]

[Frankie gives look as if to say "I have no idea"]

Okay we can't . . . Space Mountain.

Space Mountain! [Buzzer - NOT IN TIME!!]

Yeah that's too late. You gotta say it, but that's all right. True or False: Justin Timberlake is a member of the Backstreet Boys?


That's correct! He's with who?


Yes, baby! [Ding] [Cheering] There ya go!. Who is cuter: you or Jonathan Lipnicki? [Laughter]

Uhm, well, I really don't think guys are cute, so . . . [Laughter & cheering]

That is correct! [Ding] Other than . . . make sure you always say that [Laughter] . . . no. Other than Morley Safer, who is your favourite 60 Minutes correspondent? [Laughter]

[Same "I dunno" look]

And if you say "I don't know", that is the correct answer, if you ever . . .

I dunno!

That is correct! [Ding] [Laughter & cheering] You can't name anybody, right?

I don't know their names.

Uh, and finally, when your mom gets on you about cleaning your room, have you ever said: "I could buy and sell you ten times over"? [Laughter]

[Nods "yes" ever so slightly] [Laughter & cheering]

That is correct! [Ding] Very good. Congratulations on the show.

Thank you. Thanks a lot.

Make sure you come back.

All right.

A big hand for Frankie Muniz. We're back with the Go-Go's.