Welcome, one and all to MunizMania, a tribute to the talented young star of FOX's "Malcolm in the Middle". Here you can find information, photos, multimedia, links and much, much more. So stick around and browse the site for a while. Please feel free to send me your comments regarding this website or about Frankie in general. Oh, and here's a friendly tip: don't close the annoying pop-up window or else it'll just re-open with each new page - minimize it instead and enjoy the site!


Hi folks! Listen, I know I haven't been doing my part around here to keep this site updated but if only you had any idea how busy I've been. I'll keep updating the site little by little for now, but the Season 2 Galleries probably won't be completed until Season 3 starts this November.

So anywho - MITM news for the summer . . . the show received 8 Emmy nominations, and Frankie received one himself for BEST ACTOR!!!!! Isn't it great! I knew he was a great actor from the moment I first saw him. One of the reasons why I am one of the few guys who actually have a site devoted to him :-P. All the best to Frankie and his fellow nominees from the show!

I see this on a lot of celebrity websites, and I always wondered how it would be a problem. I AM NOT FRANKIE MUNIZ!! I hate to be mean, but I've received dozens of e-mail messages for Frankie. Up until now I have been replying to the senders with a nice note and Frankie's two addies, but I've decided that it's too much work to do that now. So from now on, be forwarned, I will no longer reply to messages addressed to Frankie. I thought I had made it pretty clear on the site that I wasn't Frankie. For one, signing my name as "J.J.", and second of all, rendering my own opinion wherever I saw the need to. Oh well, I guess some people don't pick up on that. So anyway, - I'M NOT FRANKIE!!

Here you will find a biography for Frankie that I put together based on various articles and his official bio at FOX.

Everything you ever needed to know about "Malcolm in the Middle" and the entire cast of characters.

Transcripts of various television interviews with Malcolm as well as some magazine articles - the most extensive collection on the web!

HUNDREDS of photos of Frankie in "Malcolm in the Middle", "What the Deaf Man Heard", "My Dog Skip", magazine photos and even more!

Wallpapers and more that I've put together for your enjoyment. Now you can watch Frankie from the time you turn on your monitor.

Polls, games, trivia . . . and anything else you want on here. Any suggestions?

Well, I finally get to put my say on this site, so here goes. Click here if you're interested in finding out what I think about Frankie.

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