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Frankie Muniz
Pure Oxgen: March 11, 2000

The Cary Grant of child actors, Frankie Muniz, hung with May today to talk about his role in the hit TV series, Malcolm in the Middle, his upcoming movie, "My Dog Skip," and life in general as a young star.

Malcolm passed through droves off swooning girls when he entered Chelsea Market on his way up to our studios. But this cutie (who grew 7 inches this year so don't make fun of his height) does not let it go to his head. He says the fame is kind of weird. Not too long ago he was going to auditions like every other actor and now he is in a hit TV show and a big movie opening Friday. He says his real life family is not all that different from his TV family, except a little less weird. And while Malcolm is a genius on TV, Frankie says he's always been smart, but no genius. So with all this work, does Frankie have time for fun? So it seems. Frankie loves golf, Clippers games, and the movies.

Frankie wants to continue acting for as long as he can, but when the time comes for a career change, he's got 4 solid backup plans. 1. He could be a geographer. 2. He would like to own the LA Clippers. 3. He would like to go on the PGA Tour (Frankie's handicap is 13). 4. He would be a blue man in the Blue Man Group.

Sound like feasible options to us.

And in case the middle school crowd is wondering... Frankie says he travels too much to have a girlfriend right now. But May got him to admit that perhaps there is a special girl he wishes he could see more.

Watch for Frankie on Fox's "Malcolm in the Middle." Then, don't miss him in the coming-of-age film, "My Dog Skip." Frankie plays a 9-year-old boy during WWII, whose new dog helps to change his life.

- Frankie was born in 1985, AFTER New Coke, "We Are the World" and the SECOND "Rambo" movie.
- He honestly can't remember what life was like before the advent of e-mail.
- Frankie's favorite TV show is "CHiPs".
- His favorite movie? "CHiPs '99."
- He claims to eat fast food at least five times a week.
- He's been home-schooled since the 6th grade.