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Frankie Muniz on the Martin Short Show
January 11, 2000

Michael (co-host)

Please welcome Frankie Muniz. [cheering, Frankie enters] Sit down. You look absolutely fantastic!


You look really good. Did you tie that tie yourself?

No I didn't. I had wardrobe tie it, cause I didn't know how to, my mom didn't know how to.

You know, this is true. You know, I didn't learn how to tie a tie until I was 43. [laughing] It's true. I had big brothers and then, you know, staff, and there was nothing really in between, and I would learn once in a while. And so eventually . . . is that a clip-on?

No it's not.

Oh right, they tied it for you. You look great. How old are you Frankie?

I'm 14.

14. 14 years old, and you're in this hit show. Did you read the reviews over the weekend?

I did a little. Pretty cool. [cheering]

How does your family feel about the success? They must be going crazy.

Oh yeah, everyone is really supportive - my mom, my grandpa and my grandma. We have these little "Malcolm in the Middle" postcard, and they sent out like 500 and they were, like, "We need more! We need more!" so, we kept giving them. They sent them to everyone.

And are people at your school excited?

Oh yeah, I'm homeschooled, but everyone in the town is really excited.

You're homeschooled. How long have you been homeschooled?

For two years. I started in the sixth grade.

Is it lonely to be homeschooled?

Uhm . . .

It's just you, and who, your mom?

My mom, yeah. Uhm, I don't think it is, cause I feel like I'm not missing out on anything, cause I'm acting and I love it, and everything.

But I mean it's hard to cut class. [Laughter]

Yeah, my mom really is . . . make sure I do all my work and everything.

And the, uhm, teacher-parent conference - she just talks to herself. [Laughter] I mean how else would it work?


Well, I think it's just amazing the success, and I also heard today that you are like this amazing golfer.

Uh, I guess so.

You're pretty good huh?

Yeah, my grandpa taught me when I was five.

You've been playing since you were five?

I guess so.

Well we set up a little thing just so you could show off.

Uh oh.

Yeah, just to see if you were making it up. Come on over here. Let's come on over here. [Cheering] Cause I am truthfully a terrible golfer.

Now Marty I haven't played in over two months so I'm really nervous.

Well, no no, don't be nervous at all. Let's come on. Let's assume that we're driving, and . . .

Okay. Uh oh.

Now, just relax. [drum roll] Okay. We don't need drums Will. The man's under enough pressure for God's sake! [laughter]


Come on Frankie. Have fun with it. AND DON'T BLOW IT! [Laughter] Okay go ahead. [Frankie takes deep breath, drives the ball and the machine registers some number that I can't make out. Must've been far, cuz Marty says:] Wow! Okay, not bad. Not bad. Let me try. Now . . . OH! Falling! Now, the whole idea is to shake hands with the ball my father used to say. You know, and address the ball. "Hello ball." [laughter] Okay. [Marty swings and pretty much demolishes the machine and send bits and pieces of it flying into the audience. More laughter, including Frankie who sends out a look of disbelief.] Well, okay. You know, we don't really worry about that. Now we go to putting. Now we go to putting. We move right on to putting. [Frankie is still laughing.] Now this is the thing, where you gotta . . . oh look what happened [regarding the simulated green set up that Marty has disorganized due to his last little "accident"] Now that's a bad . . .

Really bad green.

Okay hold on. Hold on. Oh no, pull it that way. [trying to reorganize the green]. This is a tough green! Frankie did you do this? Okay there we go. Look at that. Beautiful.

Want help?

No no we're fine.


Okay. Look at that. I just destroyed [something I can't make out].

[Frankie puts] In the sand. [Cheering]

Oh. Okay. Let's try one more. One more. [Marty puts] You . . .ah!! [Cheering, even though he missed by a long shot] Well you can watch "Malcolm in the Middle", Sundays on FOX. Frankie Muniz ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for being here.

Thank you. Thanks so much.

You're a very nice young man. I'm glad you're here. We'll be right back after this.