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Well, this site is still growing and I'm still thinking up of ideas. Right now, there are two things you can do - the montly poll, and the monthly pop quiz. Take the quiz - I dare ya!!

Monthly Poll
Besides Frankie, who is the best (not cutest!) actor on MITM?

Jane Kaczmarek
Bryan Cranston
Christopher Masterson
Justin Berfield
Erik Per Sullivan
Catherine Lloyd Burns
Somebody else

Current Results
APRIL POLL: It seems that of the first eight episodes ("Pilot" through to "Krelboyne Picnic"), episode 1.8 was the single most favourite episode of MITM fans (20%, 69 votes). The Pilot came in second (16%, 56 votes), followed by Red Dress (15%, 50 votes) and Francis Escapes (9%, 30 votes). 40% (139 people) voted for the "Other" option. 344 people voted which is awesome! I'm sure some of you voted more than once (like I did) but that's okay.

JULY POLL: Well, the Free Poll service deleted the account, because I hadn't touched it for a long time, but at last check, Stevie Kenarben was your favourite recurrinc character, followed very closely by Stanley, Francis' "bodyguard" at Marlon Academy.

This month's poll question is simple . . . who do you think is the best actor/actress on MITM (besides Frankie of course, because I know if I put him on the list ALL of you are gonna vote for him.) Is it Jane Kaczmarek (Lois), Bryan Cranston (Hal), Chris Masterson (Francis), Justin Berfield (Reece), Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey), Catherine Lloyd Burns (Caroline), or none of the above. Now remeber, I'm asking you who do you think is the best actor/actress - not who you think is the cutest, or the hottest, or the friendliest. Be honest.


This month we have a special treat for you. Thanks to Kim for submitting a quiz. See how far you can get on your MITM knowledge. To access it, click the button below.


1. What is Commandant Spangler's first name? (1.12)
a. Edward
b. Edwin
c. Edison
d. Eglington

2. Which of the following actors has not appeared in an Academy Award Best Picture Nominee?
a. Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey)
b. Daniel von Bargen (Spangler)
c. Jane Kaczmarek (Lois)
d. Bryan Cranston (Hal)

3. To what song does Hal perform his second skate solo too? (1.13)
a. We are the Champions
b. Funktown
c. Rockin' Robin
d. Mrs. Robinson

4. What play is Malcolm reading from in the episode "Funeral"? (1.11)
a. Hamlet
b. A Streetcar Named Desire
c. Romeo and Juliet
d. Oedipus Rex

5. What is the name of Malcolm's late great uncle who was married to Aunt Helen? (1.11)
a. Frank
b. Fulton
c. Fuller
d. Fred

6. How many episodes has Malcolm sworn (cursed) in as of Episode 13: "Rollerskates"? (Swear/curse words include "a-s", "b-tch", "d-mn", and yes . . . "f-ck", but not "crap" and I'm not counting "hell" either - used too much.)
a. 5
b. 6
c. 7
d. 8

7. What was the first name of the person Malcolm was named after? (1.10)
a. Rusty
b. Frankie
c. Dustin
d. Malcolm

8. What is the fake name that Francis uses on his fake credit card? (1.10)
a. Oswald Hakkinen
b. Olaf Mortensen
c. Orville Patterson
d. Ollie Hopnoodle

9. What is the length of the fry that Malcolm is analysing in the "Rollerskates" Episode? (1.13)
a. 2 inches
b. 3 inches
c. 4 inches
d. 6 inches

10. Who says at the end of a certain book based on the French Revolution, "It is a far, far better thing that I do than have ever done. It is a far, far better rest that I go to than have ever known"? (1.11)
a. Jean Valjean
b. Sydney Carton
c. Holden Caulfield
d. Raoul Chagne


Here are the answers to last months quiz. I told you the question were hard, but did you believe me? No!! Take this months' quiz. It's a bit easier, and tell me how you do when you finish it!

1. What is the name of Francis' girlfriend-for-a-day in the Episode "Krelboyne Picnic"?
a. Julie
b. Jody
c. Bebe
d. Tanya

2. What is on the wallpaper in Stevie's room? ("Pilot", "Sleepover")
a. periodic table
b. chemistry test tubes, etc.
c. savage dragons
d. space ships

3. Where does Malcolm's grandmother live? ("Francis Escapes")
a. Canada
b. Poland
c. Alabama
d. New Mexico

4. Which of the boys was a breech birth? ("Sleepover")
a. Francis
b. Reese
c. Malcolm
d. Dewey

5. What is the name of Francis' unofficial bodyguard at Marlon Academy? ("Sleepover")
a. Finley
b. Craig
c. Stanley
d. Lester

6. What is Frankie Muniz's mother's name? (Articles)
a. Christina
b. Jenny
c. Lois
d. Denise

7. What does the sign in the background of the stage in the episode "Krelboyne Picnic" read?
a. Cirque du Krelboyne
b. Academic Circus
c. Academic Picnic
d. Academic Bazaar

8. After finding out that he was following Malcolm in the Academic Circus, Stevie changes his act to "Catalytics" from what? ("Krelboyne Picnic")
a. Nixon electromagnets
b. cellular mitosis
c. oscilloscopes
d. Fermat's Last Theorem

9. Ooh, this is a tough one. What is the genus and species of Barney, the pet fish of the family Malcolm babysits for?
a. pisces elongatus
b. homocantus imperator
c. homopisces angelinas
d. homo sapiens

10. And finally, what is the arc tangent of 584 and 214/1000? ("Krelboyne Picnic")
a. 8 3597/1000
b. 4884
c. 17/10000
d. 89 9/10 degrees

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