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Well here we go - I finally get to have my say on this page (like I haven't been saying enough already!). Time for you to peer into my deepest thoughts and find out what I really think about young Frankie Muniz.

Being a guy, the whole cuteness thing isn't the drawing point for me. Being a performer, Frankie's amazing acting talent is. Quite honestly, never before have I ever seen a kid grace the small screen with his charming wit, brilliant monologue and of course that trademark ravishing smile of his.

To be quite honest, the whole cast of "Malcolm" is incredibly talented. Jane Kaczmarek represents the epitome of true motherhood and Bryan Cranston is the ideal father that so many of us are ashamed to admit we ever had. Masterson is great as usual, Berfield continues to shine like he did on "Unhappily Ever After" and newcomer Sullivan is the funniest eight year old in the business.

Even immersed in the great talents of such phenomenal actors, Muniz undoubtedly carries the show. If it wasn't for all major award ceremonies despising child actors, he would probably earn himself an Emmy nomination. And if he continues to act throughout his life . . . Oscars, Golden Globes, People Choice Awards - the whole shebang!

And if acting doesn't work out? Well quite frankly I don't think that'll be a problem, but it's always nice to have a backup plan. In fact, Frankie has three! Though he may need to tighten them up a bit and come up with something a bit more stable than owning the L.A. Clippers, he seems to have his future pretty much planned out and taken care of.

I've got my hopes up about a lot of child stars in the past. Very few of them have let me down. (I'm still waiting to see how Jake Lloyd turns out.) But Frankie's 14, down-to-earth, whimsical, intelligent, and downright adorable. He's not exactly going to be the kind of person that gets washed up and left out to dry on the corner of Broadway and 42nd (does that intersection even exist? I'm Canadian - I don't know these things.)

Frankie has it all - a dazzling acting career, a loving and supportive family, a great golf swing, good friends, good role models, 60% of the teenage female population chasing him, and promises of an amazing future. Damn I envy him! I do have one thing on him though. I can sing. He can't. (For goodness sakes - did you hear him on "The Ainsley Harriot Show"?! Funny, but oh so painful to the ears . . . just kidn Frankie.)

And okay, I'll admit it. I'm man enough.

He's cute.

There. Are ya happy?!

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