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Well here is my collection of wallpapers that I use on my own computer sometimes. Please note than none of these photos are mine . . . NONE!! The majority of the MITM photos belong to JMFan. If this is a problem, JMFan, please contact me. Thanx. I just thought it would be nice for people to have these things readily available as wallpapers rather than having to make the wallpapers themselves. The originals are . . . well, originals - made by me. All images are made for 800 x 600 resolution (cuz that's what my screen is on!).

To select the image as your wallpaper, first click on the image to make it big, then right click on it and select "Set As Wallpaper" (or something to that effect). To save the wallpaper, click on it to make it big and then save it as a jpeg. You will need to save it as a bitmap using an image editor, and save it to your C:Windows/ directory. Got it? Good.

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